I was at an event was forced to sit with a stranger by a colleague. I was pissed. Why? I was initially placed at a seat where I could mingle with people useful for my profession.

When the event started, I exchanged name cards with the man (stranger) and I realised I was sitting beside the big shot of the company.

To cut the long story shot, he was really a humbled man and he shared so much to me about his company, his passion and the history of his brand. And suddenly I felt in my heart to ask him about his children.

BUT! Don’t you think it’s really rude to ask the CEO of the company this question “eh sir, how’s your children?”. A million and one questions went through my mind but I felt the spirit prompting me to ask. I told the spirit “you know i would very much want to obey you, but HOW SIA?!” I believe God heard my cries and saw my willing heart to obey – we ended up talking about his children and he shared a lot about his heart and struggle with his kids. I felt so strongly in my heart his desire for a closer relationship between all his children.

The event was ending and I knew I had to tell what God has impressed upon my heart. In an awkward tone, I said ” You know…I’m a christian and sometimes I get feels from God to encourage a person… and I feel that God wants me to tell you that he is proud of you. He sees your heart for your children and you shouldn’t blame yourself for the things you’ve been shaming yourself with. It is my prayer that your family will grow stronger and closer together. You’re an awesome dad, I can see that.” He then thanked me for the encouragement and I invited him to my church should he be keen to join.

TBH. I hate my job and life as a young working adult. (who feels me?) But this is probably the happiest thing that has happened thus far. To allow the Holy Spirit to work through me and to be able to feel HIs heart for his children. I don’t know what’s ahead but God, help me to see beyond the physical, and to see into the spiritual realm. May we continue to contend for the hearts of the broken and lost. Amen.