Marketplace Awakening

Impacting the marketplace through prayer and evangelism


Our Desire: To usher revival in Singapore through the marketplace by seeing sons and daughters in the marketplace fully activated and moving in their identity as kings and priests in the workplace.

Our Mission: To Contend for revival by Connecting marketplace believers and Creating platforms for prayer and evangelism in the marketplace.

There’s an awakening happening in the hearts of many believers in the marketplace. More hearts are being stirred to love the Lord and serve Him right where they are in the marketplace.

We have 5 purposes:

  1. Refresh believers in the marketplace
  2. Re-fire them for the sharing of the Gospel
  3. Contend for revival and salvations through passionate prayer
  4. Create platforms for evangelism and the Gospel to reach people
  5. To see lunch time prayer meetings start all over Singapore and cover this land in prayer.

If you are a believer in the marketplace, won’t you join us to see this nation won for Jesus!

Our Heart

Our heart is to support all other marketplace ministries and efforts in Singapore by creating a platform to aggregate and promote the good work that other everyday believers in the marketplace are doing.

How We Operate

We are a volunteer-based, non-profit ministry. We are not affiliated with or funded by any other Christian organization. We are entirely self-supported. Just average Christians in the marketplace hoping to do something for the Lord in our beautiful city!

Connect With Us

If you like what we do, please sign-up to our mailing list and let’s stay connected!

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