Marketplace Awakening

Impacting the marketplace through prayer and evangelism


2018 Events

Upcoming Prayer Rooms

Raffles Place: 1230pm to 130pm. TPI Building, level 5, 62 Cecil Street.

  • 30 Jan (Tuesday)
  • 26 Feb (Monday)
  • 27 Feb (Venue: One North)
  • 26 Mar (Monday)
  • 27 Mar (Venue: Suntec City)

Other Prayer Meetings in the City

  • Worship @ Marketplace meets on every 1st working Tuesday of the month 12.45pm to 1:45pm at Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church.
  • Prayer meetings are held on every working Monday from 7.45am to 8.30am at St. Andrew’s Chapel for All Peoples.

2017 Events

  • 14 Sept, 1230pm, Israel – God’s Start Up Nation with Stefan Silver
  • 16 Sept, 930am – The Vanguard Movement, a young adult Marketplace conference
  • 22 Sept, 1230pmCan’t We be Good without God? with Jose Philip
  • 9 Oct, 7pm – Finding Hope in Uncertain Times with Jose Philip
  • 20 Oct, 1230pmWhat does it mean to be Human? with Jose Philip
  • 20 to 22 Oct –Indigitous, an intersection of technology, faith and the common good
  • 27 to 28 Oct – Mark Your Sport, a conference for Christian creatives by creatives
  • 24 Nov, 1230pmWhat explains all this evil? with Jose Philip

Past Events – 2016

  • Rekindle, 5 August, 1230pm to 130pm. Speaker: Mr Jason Wong, Founder of Dads for Life and Elijah 7000 movement
  • A Call to Repentance, 5 days of lunchtime prayer & worship focusing on 2 Chron 7:14. October 17 to 21, 1230pm to 130pm. TPI building, level 5, 62 Cecil Street
  • Jericho Prayer Week, 5 days of lunchtime prayer & worship based on Joshua 6:5. November 7 to 11, 1230pm to 130pm. TPI building, level 5, 62 Cecil Street
  • Overcoming Life’s Challenges, an evening with Benny Prasad, 14 November, 7pm to 830pm
  • Coming Home, a Christmas Evangelistic Service, 2 December, 1230pm to 130pm

Past Events – 2017

Marketplace Prayer Week 2017

Join us for this week of prayer and worship in the marketplace as we join with the whole nation in a season of prayer leading up to National Day. We will meet daily from 31 July to 4 August, 1230pm to 130pm, at TPI building level 5. For more details click here.

Note: Many of the events listed on this page are not organised by us. However our heart is to be an aggregator and platform to share the good work that many other ministries are doing in the marketplace. If you know of or have events that you would like to list here please contact us at:

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