With the normalisation following the lifting of many of the Covid restrictions, many companies are calling staff back to their physical offices and workplaces.

Often what is in the natural has a parallel in the spiritual. Perhaps it is time to ask ourselves as believers of Christ in the marketplace, is it time for us to return to work, in our case, returning to the work of the kingdom and reaching the lost?

As people start to come back many will be looking for new connections and friendships, this could be an opportune time for you and I to extend a hand of friendship and be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

What are some practical things you and I can do?

  1. Pray for yourself and people coming back to the office to find peace and balance as they adjust to the new rhythm
  2. Put up your hand and take initiative to connect with people over coffee or a meal
  3. Positive attitude as you deal with the changes yourself

I believe we are in a fresh window of opportunity to reconnect with people and with the Lord. May the Lord guide us as we navigate this for His glory!