Deng Xiaoping famously said, “It doesn’t matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.” Thus, common wisdom dictates that to be successful, one needs to be pragmatic and quick with making moral compromises when required. Doing good is seen as a luxury that most cannot or are unwilling to afford. One would need to give it all up and become a Mother Teresa, or be sufficiently wealthy in order to pursue such lofty goals.

This March, we have invited three inspiring individuals to conduct a masterclass on the topic of ‘Doing Right, Doing Good and Doing Well’. Spanning the generations from baby boomers all the way to the millennials, they have each married the pursuit of both significance and success in their careers, and lived to tell the tale! Come converse with this eclectic trio, come prepared with your questions, comments and a good notebook. We promise to take you on a thrilling ride!


Carmen Low is a strong advocate of empowering the next generation through Entrepreneurship, Arts, Culture and Youth Innovation. She is the co-founder of Getai Group, Afterglow and one of the founders of Heilogy, a human centric design think tank that empowers solutions for the future based on grounds up conversations and involvements.

Dr. Sean McDowell is a gifted communicator with a passion to impart evidence and logical support for viewing all areas of life through a Biblical worldview. He is the author, co-author and editor of over eighteen books.

Mr Jeffrey Goh was appointed Chief Executive Officer of NETS on 31 October 2011. Prior to joining NETS in 2011, he was Co-founder / Chief Operating Officer of AXS Pte Ltd. He has also worked at IBM Singapore and National Computer Board, Singapore. Jeffrey Goh has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology with particular expertise in payment solutions technology.

This event is open to all faith.

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7:00-730pm – Dinner

7:30-930pm – Conversation