It’s been an extremely busy year and now I want to take a minute to reflect on the journey the Lord has taken me on so far.

It started with the realisation that after almost four years in the same office and 10 years working in the marketplace that I have done so little to reach the precious people around me and let them know that there is a God named Jesus that loves them and has a plan and purpose for their lives. I was so busy with so many years of serving people within the four walls of the church and that eased my conscience for a long time.

But realising that I won’t always have the chance to work where I work was a wake up call to do something for the people I work with and see daily.

This year was a time spent investing in spiritual development. I seldom attend conferences but this year I felt I should attend one particular one. It inspired me to go on a Daniel fast and it was during this period that I felt the conviction to do the Good Friday outreach event. And someone God just connected me with people in the marketplace, from colleagues, to old church mates, to even the parents of my children’s school mates! God even provided the right venue through good friendships.

That first event made me realise that it is a battle for the gospel to go out. There was a sense we were stepping into enemy territory – prayer was the key then to change the spiritual atmosphere.

And so with that I launched the monthly prayer room where believers could come together to worship, pray and intercede. Amazingly again, God provided a venue at no cost!

What is more amazing is that I felt the stir in my heart to call for longer periods of prayer, inspired by the Laymen Prayer Revival in New York City in the 1800s. We called for two weeks of 5-day daily lunch time prayer and everyday people would come! The numbers were never big but yet people would come to pray.

Each service we ran as I look back now, it felt easier to do and indeed I feel the atmosphere is different, more open. Though it wasn’t a season of great harvest, for sure it was a time of sowing. I believe it planted the gospel in the hearts of those who came.

One particular incident at the last service warmed my heart. Someone shared with me how she “tricked” her friends into coming for the Christmas service. If it after all this work this year, it inspires one more believer to become a fisher of men – that alone is worth it.

It is tiring to do all this, but each time, someone comes up to tell me how it blesses them to be able to come to such things right in the marketplace. I believe a convergence of church, prophetic, supernatural, worship, prayer – all streams are heading for convergence in the marketplace in the years ahead. Someone asked me what my dream is – it’s to see our nation of Singapore in revival and fulfilling our call as the Antioch of Asia. And I think this can only happen when believers right in their offices are activated to love their neighbours right in the Monday to Friday. And God has already brought the nations into the offices of our city!

Finally I am so thankful for the many that came together to run alongside this year. It warms my heart to know that there are so many sons and daughters of God passionate for His kingdom and passionate for those who yet to know His love.

I’m praying for the year ahead – pray with us too.




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